Funding of Research Projects

Depending on your research project funding sources range from regional and state funding, over national, EU and international organisations.
With a longstanding experience in German and international funding agencies our partners at ProSciencia offer the following services:

  • Funding Search: Identifying and rating different funding sources for your planned project.
  • Grant Writing: Designing and writing a competitive grant application for your project and a specified funding agency.
  • Project Support: Writing progress reports, producing balances and writing appropriation requests.


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Crowdfunding for Science

While many excellent ideas receive their funding from established institutions like national research councils (via taxation), charities through donations and corporates, others have a chance of being financed by a large group of individuals through crowd sourced funding. Here is a list of crowdfunding platforms that specialised on science projects or have a specific category for science and research:


Experiment is an all-or-nothing fundraising platform across all disciplines. If the project doesn’t reach its goal, then none of the backers are charged. Researchers share the outcomes of their experiments directly with their backers. Usually this comes in the form of peer-reviewed journal publications, conference proceedings, academic posters, graduate theses, open data sets, and more.    >> Discover projects by category

Medstartr is an interdisciplinary platform that enables patients, doctors, institutions, partners, and investors to find and fund the best ideas in healthcare.

Indiegogo is probably the best know crowdfunding platform across all professions, sectors and corners of society. Check their research and science related projects.

Kickstarter is another famous platform bringing creative projects to life. – useed – consano – fundrazr – razoo



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Where to Search for Funding.

RESEARCHconnect – Helping you to source funding opportunities for your research.

Research Funding.

Mendeley Funding – A catalog of timely, relevant grant information from over 2,000 organisations.

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