Bridging knowledge exchange between Africa and Europe


We strengthen academic institutions and research on the African continent.


We work with

  • African scientists and research institutions to enhance their positioning within the global research community
  • European and other non-African scientists and institutions who wish to collaborate with African partners


Our goal is to identify synergies between African and European research institutions for fruitful collaboration projects.


Highlighting African scientists’ profiles and achievements
We encourage and advise African scientists to build an online presence for their academic achievements.

Supporting global scientific networking
We assist African and European scientists in finding collaboration partners.

Collaboration with likeminded organisations
With our partners we offer support and consultation on various aspects such as institutional optimisation, career building, equipment donations and global exchange of knowledge and resources.


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AfricArxiv is the preprint repository for African scientists.

Submit your manuscript at

Submission Guidelines at


African Journals Online

African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is the world’s largest online library of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly journals.

> browse peer-reviewed journals from Africa,

> download full text articles from journal homepages,

> search for an article by title, author/s or keywords,

> find more resources for researchers and journals.


Science Communication Trainings

TCC Africa offers trainings in Science Communication across the African continent, course topics ranging from proposal writing to resource mobilisation, data analysis and communicating to non-scientists.


Surplus laboratory equipment

Instrumental Access Logo

Seeding Labs enables scientists with limited resources to conduct high quality research through their flagship program Instrumental Access.

Together with Merck as a sponsors, Seeding Labs is curating the video platform TeleScience.

Contact us or the Seeding Labs team if you have state of the art science equipment from surplus, overstock, or traded-in items that you would like to donate to research institutions and universities in the global south.

>> Equipment wish list


Build your BioHacker Space

AfricaOSH is a gathering for everyone interested in Open Science Hardware as a means to achieve locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically and economically feasible production in Africa.



TReND in Africa (Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving university level science education and research in sub-Saharan Africa. TReND seeks to foster scientific excellence and collaboration in the region through organizing local neuroscience courses for young African scientists.



SynTechBio Network logo

SynTechBio – Biohacker Spaces Network – supports Biohacking and DIY-Bio initiatives in the global south, enhancing the communication and action of the worldwide community as a group. The first African member is KumasiHive from Ghana.
SynTechBio provides information about how to build a complete Biohacking/DIY-Bio Space. Download the manual in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.



African Research consortia and networks

NASAC (Network of African Science Academies) is a consortium of merit-based science academies in Africa and aspires to make the “voice of science” heard by policy and decision makers within Africa and worldwide. NASAC is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of existing national science academies and champions in the cause for creation of new academies where none exist.


African Open Science Platform

The African Open Science Platform initiative (AOSP), funded by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the National Research Foundation (NRF), and implemented and managed by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), is a pan-African project for Africa by Africa. Direction is provided by CODATA (ISC).





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